.:: The Empire State of mind


Hi everyone !

Yesterday I created a new header for my blog. As you can guess, the title is from my favourite song, "The empire state of mind" (part II), interpreted by Alicia Keys. This music talks about New York, a place where everything is possible,"a place where dreams are made of" as said in the lyrics. NY is likewise call the city that never sleeps or the city of light. Everybody knows that it's also a city of fashion! So for my title, I decided to draw the shadow of NY and I added the big lights of the city behind. Et voilà ! I'm so proud of the result !

Being a beginner blogger, I created this blog to get closer to my passion. My dream is to make a living out of it. And who knows? Maybe one day, it will come true.

And you? What's your dream?

I invite you to listen to the music below. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Hey dear!
    Thanks for your lovely comment :) I really like this header you made! And I wish you a lot of luck for the future of your blog as well ;)

  2. you made it yourself? it looks amazing btw :) i wish you luck in blogging! (i sorta have the same dream too, myabe we'd be able to help each other out :D) and I've followed you, follow back?

    good luck! xx